Spring 2017: The latest fashiontrends


Spring just arrived and especially this year, it’s more than clear: the beaming sun and pleasant temperatures create a holiday feel that can be noticed on the streets instantly. Because of those weather conditions, people are highly excited to buy new clothing. Luckily, Earnieland offers a lovely Extra Discount at our partner shops. We’ll go through the newest fashion trends of Spring and Summer 2017: white sneakers, ray-ban sunglasses, chokers, floral prints, sweaters covered in fluffy fur, t-shirts and shoes, shirt dresses, Tees with full body logo’s, zebra print, italian leather shoes, pink and the waistbelt. You’ll read all about it below.

The waistbelt

Fashionista’s could’ve seen this trend coming last year but now it’s clear to everybody: we’re going to tether it all up with a nice waistbelt. Now, what’s the advantage? Your waist will be accentuated beautifully.

Selena Gomez indulges on this advantage with this black and white combination of a shirt dress and a waistbelt.

De Bijenkorf offers waist belts that fit all budgets.

A shirt as a dress

This trend is generally called the “shirt dress”. You grab a big, long blouse and just wear it as a dress. Can it be any easier? Most people just dive into their boyfriend’s closet but the fun is in buying one of your own. Actually, the majority of people think the shirt dress is a little shapeless but hey, here is a solution: a waist belt! Asos is known for being a ringleader in trends and offers a whole range of shirt dresses.

Flowerpower: the 60’s are back!

This trend is possibly the most outstanding one of 2017. The more retro, the merrier. This instantly means that the floral print is back in the picture. Release your inner hippie and you’re in.

If you’re a true fashionista, you wouldn’t leave the house in a floral print without a leather or suede jacket. Eva Mendes wears them like an expert. Don’t be ashamed to reach for those cowboy boots either, this season they’re top of the bill!

Light-colored sneakers  

This one goes for the ladies and the gents, a creamy or white sneaker can be combined with anything. Feeling an “all black-day” but you wouldn’t want to exaggerate? This shoe puts the

cherry on top. At Bristol or Omoda you can definitely find your cup of tea.

Furballs, feathers and hair all-over.

Adidas “Stan Smith” sneakers could practically be found on anyone’s feet last year but this year, we’re going all out with loads of hair and fluffy fur (fake to be precise). Who knows, you could find your liking at Vanharen.

Full body Logo’s are back

With this one, it’s the nineties that come back to play, even with Harry Styles. Back in the days, people loved to wear designer logos. The bigger, the better. Now we’re crawling back into that box. The most apparent logos? Adidas, Levi’s and Calvin Klein. These brands can easily be spotted at Avantisport, De Bijenkorf and Amazon.

On Wednesdays we wear pink? No, we wear pink EVERY day!

Beige used to be thé neutral color but nowadays, pink is the new beige.

Do you prefer a more outstanding look? No worries, bright pink is one of the top colors of Spring and Summer 2017 too.

The leathern Italian shoe

These shoes continue appealing men. The largest comfort? This shoe can be worn with a suit but fit a pair of jeans just as well. In short, you’ll be dressed for every occasion. Quick, go take a peep at Sarenza.


Everyone remembers when the leopard print came barging into all closets.

Well guys, the zebra killed the leopard! Go all out in stripes and be the star of this season. Just don’t throw out that leopard print yet ‘cause leopard NEVER goes out of style.

Luxurious phone cases

Each modern man or woman keeps their smartphone close by hand at all times. Now, your outfit can be completed with a trendy phone case (maybe from a designer). Have a look at Bol, Lightinthebox or Coolblue and find your perfect match.

The choker

Looks like the nineties keep stealing the show! Who can recall the small, black band (mostly leather or nylon) tied around the neck? If you couldn’t, now you do! Even fashion queen Kendall Jenner can be spotted wearing a nice choker almost on a weekly basis. She even combined two in this picture. Back in the nineties you were sexy as hell wearing this item, now this hype has returned with a bang. You wouldn’t want to feel left out, right? You can find different chokers at Groupon starting from €9,99 and America Today takes the subtle angle and chooses a small, soft ribbon.

Aviator Sunglasses

There’s nothing a man prefers more than having a tough and mysterious look wearing a nice pair of sunglasses. Aviator Sunglasses are a classic and appear to be the absolute killer once again this season. Did you know the first aviator sunglasses were actually created by Ray-Ban in 1936 to protect the pilot’s eyes?. In the seventies, they were suddenly being worn by celebrities like Elvis Presley and they became available in all colors. At Hans Anders, you can find them starting from €69 and on top of it, you receive a nice Extra Discount from Earnieland, ranging from 4% to 6%.

For you, Earnieland keeps up with the latest fashion trends to make sure you feel trendy all Spring and Summer. These items aren’t hanging in your closet yet? Don’t worry, they’ll be there in a jiffy and with Extra Discount, when you shop with Earnieland.

Happy Online Shopping :)