The Robin Hood of the e-commerce


Robin Hood was an English hero from the 12th century, a filibuster. This hero thought it was unfair how the wealthy were living while there was so many poverty among them. He wanted to share that wealth with the poor.

What's Earnieland?

Google and Trivago receive a commission for redirecting clients to websites. So does Earnieland. Although, there's one major difference: we share up to 75% of that commission with you. This by transferring it into your bank account, after your purchase is approved.

That's why the name of the platform is "Earnieland": you can earn money while shopping online.

How does Earnieland work?

 1. Click (Click to your favorite shop)

 2. Buy (Shop as usual)

 3. Discount (Your Extra Discount appears in your account and is we transfer it one month later)

Facts about online shopping

1. Daily, Google makes more than € 200 million, Trivago receives € 3 million per day in commissions.

2. Google is the most used homepage from which people click to shops.

3. Google & Trivago don't share their commissions.

4. Last year, Trivago received € 400 million from investors. They use it for TV campaigns. That's how they claim their commissions for hotel stays worldwide.

5. Earnieland uses "the sharing economy principle" and shares it commission with it's users. Because of that, there's very few money left within the company to pay for the operational costs. 

The majority of the income of commissions goes back to our users.

6. Every new user of Earnieland receives 50% of the commission as an Extra Discount. Loyal fans who use Earnieland weekly, activate a PowerUp. This raises their Extra Discount by 20% and EarniePoints make your Extra Discount grow with maximum another 30%. 

So, in total, you can receive 75% of Earnieland’s commission into your bank account while you shop online. (50% + 10% + 15% = 75%).

 Tips & tricks to earn money with every online purchase you make

1. Put Earnieland next to Google in your bookmarks-bar. (ALWAYS start your online shopping there).

 2. Write reviews about shops and share your favorite shops on Facebook.

 3. Invite friends to Earnieland (each friend signing up gives you 500 EarniePoints = €5). 

Happy Online Shopping :)